Bolshaya Nikitskay street, 60/2

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About Restaurant


Nikita restaurant was opened on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, where the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Moscow is harmoniously combined with traditional Russian cuisine.

The restaurant is located in a mansion of the early twentieth century, and this is the case when the walls dictate the mood of the place and its interior solutions. In this part of Bolshaya Nikitskaya historically inhabited by the wealthy merchants and "Nikita" is also like a home where everything has the taste  of wealthy citizens.

The relaxed atmosphere of the sun-drenched ground floor of the mansion resembles the veranda of a country estate, as if written off from the pages of Chekhov's and Bunin's books. Transformed into lamps samovars, tightened Pavlovsk handkerchiefs lampshades lamps, old beams on the ceilings, & nbsp; white and blue dishes in the style of Gzhel porcelain have a long evening tea and intimate conversations in the best Russian traditions, which in "Nikita" try not to forget. And more elegant second floor with the existing antique fireplaces, vintage lights and antique buffets created for special dinners and holiday  parties.

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